I’ve finally decided to buy PaintCode, a very handy software for developing UI elements on iOS. I guess it was made for graphic designers, but can be useful to coders also, to spare some time when working with CoreGraphics.
This little gif example is made with it, under half hour, and it’s fully extensible, lossless and screen independent. (Not the gif, the actual code it generates, of course)

It’s 100 bucks, but you can try it out freely, in a limited version. paintcodeapp.com

The other stuff I’ve bought, is the DaisyDisk app for OS X, which is currently on sale, for 5 dollar and it’s an instant get: daisydiskapp.com
If you haven’t already heard of it: it’s a small and fast solution to see an overview of your data on your hard drives. It can display all your subfolders and find out what stuff takes up the most space.

Another deal for this week: TypeRider for iOS, only for 1 dollar.
It’s a typography themed platformer game, where you have to control a colon, and find your way trough the letters of specific fonts. App Store link

The last stuff I bought, it’s the Google Developer Console access, for 25 dollars. I’ve had no idea that it is this cheap, another thing that Google does way better than Apple. And it’s not just four times cheaper than the Apple Dev. Program, but it’s also just a one time fee. I’m so happy that maybe I will publish something on the Play Store, just need some free time. Read more here