Screenshot 2015-01-19 - 15.21.38Almost end of January, so it’s time to gather my thoughts about the upcoming months. This will be the first full year for Head Process, which will change a little bit the form of my softwares. I’ll plan more ahead, and everything will be standardized as possible.

I think (I hope) that February will be a very busy month for me, because during my exams in this month I have gathered a couple ideas that I wish to work out in the next month. This includes the completion of Filterion, which is starting to look pretty good. Still during springtime, a bigger Handstract and Centroid update will come along, and this three application will be more connected. This will be my last photo editing related work for a while, sure not the last, but I’ll try a couple different things for a time.


(It’s the game’s icon, blurred)

Right after this, I’ll release a new secret game I’ve been working on for 1-2 month already, and it’s still far from finished. This will be my biggest project yet, and I hope the invested time will be proportional with the download count. 🙂
Around April, I’ll go to multiple competitions, where we have to make games in a couple days, regardless of outcome this will be a great experience and I’ll definitely write about it.
During summer, my other jobs will be focus, sure the existing apps will be updated, but I have to work sometime.

There will be a Head Process project in autumn too, most likely something productivity related, but I need a usable idea first. It’s a far more complicated market than the drawing applications, but it could be more interesting to work on something that useful.

handst-oldA year ago, I didn’t thought that I’ll be over so many achievements, so I’d like to thank the physical and mental support of my friends and family, I hope this year will be at least as fun as the last one was.