Yesterday, I’ve got the coupons from the FBStart program, which means that I’ve a lot of money to burn on Facebook ads. To give back something for it, I’ll try out a couple ad preferences, mainly targeted to promote my applications, and there will be a post about my experiences.
Also, this gives me some motivation to blog more often, cause the content is everything. In the current form, I can imagine that most of the new visitors can’t even understand what is this all about. Don’t worry, if you one of them, I’ll promise to make everything clear in the upcoming weeks.

Screenshot 2015-01-19 - 15.21.38Almost end of January, so it’s time to gather my thoughts about the upcoming months. This will be the first full year for Head Process, which will change a little bit the form of my softwares. I’ll plan more ahead, and everything will be standardized as possible.

I think (I hope) that February will be a very busy month for me, because during my exams in this month I have gathered a couple ideas that I wish to work out in the next month. This includes the completion of Filterion, which is starting to look pretty good. Still during springtime, a bigger Handstract and Centroid update will come along, and this three application will be more connected. This will be my last photo editing related work for a while, sure not the last, but I’ll try a couple different things for a time.


(It’s the game’s icon, blurred)

Right after this, I’ll

I should study, but the web is full of interesting stuff. Here are some, so at least you don’t have to waste your time looking for it.

This services looks very promising, I hope they can reach enough people to make it work.

These photos are just great

I’ve just started to listen this podcast, fantastic for a long bus trip.

Every time I see their diagram I always find some programming language on it that I don’t even heard of it yet.
Too bad I don’t have time to try out a fizz buzz test with them 😛

Maybe this year I’ll try to make a game for the Ludum Dare with a team.
Here’s a very inspiring one from the latest winners:

I know it’s a shame that my only non-free application gets updated the least frequently. I’ll try to change this with a roadmap and more smaller updates than one big. Though, the upcoming 1.5 version was planned as a major one, I guess I’ll will split it to two smaller release.
So what will change? First of all, I’ll fix some of the iOS 8 related bugs, too bad I’ve waited so long for this. Also, the whole photo importing menu will be redesigned for easier use, along with new crop and rotate tools for the already imported photos.
Besides, I’ll get back working on the engine, so it can detect the edges and contrast of objects and merge some shapes to achieve this effect. If everything goes as I planned, the results will be far more smoother and interesting than the current grid.
I can’t say an exact release date yet. The smaller fixes will be definitely released in February, and if I have time, the new improved engine too.
Until then, check out the new Handstract update.

I’ve get back working on my new photo editor thingy, and while it’s still unusable yet, at least I have figured out a name for it.
Because it’s getting hard to concentrate on my individual apps, Filterion is going to be linked with Handstract and Centroid, to keep them updated. Also, if I can do it right with the iOS 8 extension features, then the app will be a bridge between them.


Here’s an example, currently made with Pixelmator, but you can guess the result anyway. Even tough it can merge photos, the main feature will be a gesture based photo editing toolkit. I’ll try to make a whole bunch of new solutions, so you don’t have to set values, instead just swipe, pinch, drag and rotate photos to get different results.

Second 13

Only one button so far 🙂

Slimmed down the 1.8 version for a quick update, but it still waited 17 days for review. Anyway, it’s out, it’s still free, go and download!
The color changer may seems to be a bit slower, I’ll work out something in the next update, which will be focusing on the performance, user experience and usability.

How did I made this picture without new colors? Well, I used a third-party photo editor, but it’s interesting, so here are the steps:

I know, there’s been a big silence since last update, but in the meantime I have tried out a couple new ways to improve the drawing tools. In this new version I will focus on the improvements on the interface and the user experience, I’d like to make it even more easier to use even with the new features.
Now the biggest visible change is the redesigned toolbar with a new row.


Today I’ve made a couple changes on this site and its Facebook page. Regarding this series, I will remove the “weekly” tag from the title, I just can’t keep my schedule, so I will post these selections at least once in a moth.

Collection of unicode “Japanese” emoticons:

An utility for tweaking the new Spotlight in Yosemite (a bit buggy yet):

Dash for iOS is here!

An useful plugin for Sketch:

How does a game become “elegant”:

My new game is released!

interfaceThe new iOS brought a lot of improvements for SpriteKit, and I just managed to get myself to do a project like this.

I always liked the interfaces in the movies, and I just managed to get myself to do a project like this. The new features in Spritekit (from iOS 8) just came in handy for this, so I decided to try some creative coding with it.

First of all, If someone is interested, the whole source is available on GitHub It still has a lot things that could be improved, but I’m not sure if I want to continue developing it. Sadly, this means it only optimised for iPad Air, and even on that it’s only producing 15-20 Fps, because the 8000+ nodes. Anyway, if you would like to run it on an older device, you can turn off some of the main UI nodes and it will go just fine.


So one of the most interesting new feature in SpriteKit is the SKFieldNode. It helped a lot in the cool

Thank God I have so much to do that I can’t write here often. Actually, I get more job offers than I can take, so I decided to share some, if anybody else is interested.
Only a couple positions yet, but I guess there will be more, especially in December, when I will pause my life due the finals.