interfaceThe new iOS brought a lot of improvements for SpriteKit, and I just managed to get myself to do a project like this.

I always liked the interfaces in the movies, and I just managed to get myself to do a project like this. The new features in Spritekit (from iOS 8) just came in handy for this, so I decided to try some creative coding with it.

First of all, If someone is interested, the whole source is available on GitHub It still has a lot things that could be improved, but I’m not sure if I want to continue developing it. Sadly, this means it only optimised for iPad Air, and even on that it’s only producing 15-20 Fps, because the 8000+ nodes. Anyway, if you would like to run it on an older device, you can turn off some of the main UI nodes and it will go just fine.


So one of the most interesting new feature in SpriteKit is the SKFieldNode. It helped a lot in the cool animation of the Vortex nodes. It’s basically made with a spring and a noise node, and a simple SpriteKitNode draws the line inside the circle, based on its position. I think I will use this stuff in my future visual projects also, looks pretty neat, with just a couple lines of code.


The other important part of this program is the SKAction sequence, which is used in almost every UI element. It was presented in iOS 7, and it can be used to do continuous automated animations, which makes my life a lot easier.


The code is full with random values. I’m sure it would be more serious if I would have thought some system for it, although it would not have been this fun to make. Maybe I will get back to it in the future, or I will build an other project from this. But until then, this can be used freely.