A lot happened since the last status report. Centroid and Handstract is updated and the first time I know that these things will be profitable, at least now the downloads are doubled, thanks to you guys. The App Store screenshots and descriptions have changed too, it may look more appealing for the first time visitors on the app pages.

11174455_368018206726637_4643396153185034678_oThe smaller UI change in the new Handstract version

However, I’m a little stuck with Filterion, it will be upgraded and I already now the new features, but not sure about the whole editing process. Currently you can switch and reorder filters and effects, which does the job well, but aren’t very ergonomic nor innovative. This time I’m going to make a couple prototypes and there will be a bigger UX testing phase.

Planning the new Filterion features

Also, there are a couple other projects in the making, for example a

Since the status update, a couple thing happened. The first version of Filterion is out, so the Head Process Creative pack is finally “completed”, although I’m not satisfied yet, there are lot feature in progress which will make it even more better.
That’s why both the Centroid and Handstract got an update, now you can instantly edit your creations in Filterion, and they’ll be even more connected in the future. Also, today I’ve just submitted the first Filterion update with iPad support and with a couple improvements.


Handstract is quite usable right now, I’ll focus on the other two app

The next thing I’ll work on is a bigger Centroid update, with edge detection and more shape editing features. After that, I’ll have to rework the logical parts of Filterion, it’s a mess right now so its necessary before I add more editing options in it. Besides that, I’ll try to make it more distinct from the other photo editing apps, with more interesting filters and options, that you can’t see

I’ve get back working on my new photo editor thingy, and while it’s still unusable yet, at least I have figured out a name for it.
Because it’s getting hard to concentrate on my individual apps, Filterion is going to be linked with Handstract and Centroid, to keep them updated. Also, if I can do it right with the iOS 8 extension features, then the app will be a bridge between them.


Here’s an example, currently made with Pixelmator, but you can guess the result anyway. Even tough it can merge photos, the main feature will be a gesture based photo editing toolkit. I’ll try to make a whole bunch of new solutions, so you don’t have to set values, instead just swipe, pinch, drag and rotate photos to get different results.

Second 13

Only one button so far 🙂

iOS 8 introducted a great new way to extend apps with custom features.
It came just in time to help me with my new photo filtering idea, because it’s more like a light module for editors, than a standalone software. So basically, the concept came from the problems of the regular color correction sliders, they are one dimensional. My solution is simple: let’s edit two different values at once, in a two dimensional “slider”.

It’s already went through many iterations on the first week, and it seems it’s far more complicated than I first thought.
Anyway, I think it will be available at the end of the month, and you can use it in the default Photos application on every iOS 8 device, with a couple different filters.


Yep, science things and whatnot.