Slimmed down the 1.8 version for a quick update, but it still waited 17 days for review. Anyway, it’s out, it’s still free, go and download!
The color changer may seems to be a bit slower, I’ll work out something in the next update, which will be focusing on the performance, user experience and usability.

How did I made this picture without new colors? Well, I used a third-party photo editor, but it’s interesting, so here are the steps:

1. This is the original picture made on my iPad with Handstract


2. I’ve exported a pdf version to my Dropbox

3. Opened up in Illustrator and made the background transparent (any vector graphic software can be used)

4. Exported a transparent png, and opened it in Pixelmator (it’s the greatest Photoshop alternative)

5. Inverted the colors, adjusted the hue, transformed a little and added a grey background

6. Done