Since the status update, a couple thing happened. The first version of Filterion is out, so the Head Process Creative pack is finally “completed”, although I’m not satisfied yet, there are lot feature in progress which will make it even more better.
That’s why both the Centroid and Handstract got an update, now you can instantly edit your creations in Filterion, and they’ll be even more connected in the future. Also, today I’ve just submitted the first Filterion update with iPad support and with a couple improvements.


Handstract is quite usable right now, I’ll focus on the other two app

The next thing I’ll work on is a bigger Centroid update, with edge detection and more shape editing features. After that, I’ll have to rework the logical parts of Filterion, it’s a mess right now so its necessary before I add more editing options in it. Besides that, I’ll try to make it more distinct from the other photo editing apps, with more interesting filters and options, that you can’t see

Slimmed down the 1.8 version for a quick update, but it still waited 17 days for review. Anyway, it’s out, it’s still free, go and download!
The color changer may seems to be a bit slower, I’ll work out something in the next update, which will be focusing on the performance, user experience and usability.

How did I made this picture without new colors? Well, I used a third-party photo editor, but it’s interesting, so here are the steps:

I know, there’s been a big silence since last update, but in the meantime I have tried out a couple new ways to improve the drawing tools. In this new version I will focus on the improvements on the interface and the user experience, I’d like to make it even more easier to use even with the new features.
Now the biggest visible change is the redesigned toolbar with a new row.