The half year long university project (which I’ve mentioned earlier), Innovation Lab have ended in early December.  We’ve worked on two different subjects, had a couple pivots, but I think we’ve learned a lot from it. In the beginning, we started with an intelligent project management tool, with a lot of unnecessary features. Despite the many positive feedback, we couldn’t finish this one, due the huge development requirements. Anyway, we kept the idea, and it might be useful for an other application in the future.
Actually, in fact, Namefinite was based on this, which is a very minimal concept of a domain name searching solution. You can read more about it here, or even get it from the App Store . It seems like a failure, based on the non-free downloads, but at least we didn’t had to work on it for months. I still feel like this is an useful tool, but if no one wants to pay for it, I can’t do anything. Maybe later this year, I’ll try an in-app purchase based model, because the core system doesn’t require any background service. But for now, I’ll set this project aside.
Képernyőfotó 2016-01-16 - 19.42.54
Besides this, during the other half of the InnoLab, our team member Andrew has suggested a totally different idea, which we’ve tried out during a competition, and won the audience award with it. In short, it’s a social photography app, which you can use to create virtual graffities around the world. More about it on Currently it’s still in the alpha phase, however we plan to release the public beta in February. Honestly, I don’t really like social networks, but Graffit has a lot of interesting ideas, and I can image that it could reach a Draw Something-like success. After we finish working on the beta, we will see how does the user tests goes, and whether we should continue it or not.

I must say, I’m very glad that I had the chance to take part in the InnoLab. This is definitely the best course that our university offered so far. Even if we didn’t changed the world with any of our ideas, we learned a lot about product validation, teamwork and the basics of startups.

This year I’m back working on my personal project. Centroid has received an update recently, and my other apps will too. Besides that, I’ve started working on a very interesting health care based software. I’ll write more about that in the upcoming weeks.