The remastered version of Grim Fandango is out, already bought on Steam and it’s still a classic

Instagram analytics, with a great interface. Maybe I’ll subscribe when I grow over a couple hundred followers.

An interesting game with unique shading method, worth a try

Useful designer tips for the Apple Watch

I’ve tried out Notability. It’s pretty good, however the highlighter tool is only overlaying a half-transparent color, which makes text harder to read. If they improve it, this could be my favorite note sketching app.

I have not bought this app yet, but looks very promising and could be a life saver


I’ve found this service while dealing a critical error in Handstract. Haven’t tried it yet, but could be useful in the future.

This is also a very useful stuff, worth following the changes

Just found out that Maddox is doing a weekly podcast. It’s fantastic, but only if you like explicit content.

A new Snapchat competitor by Twitter, looks great.

Gemini is at discount right now, however as I’ve seen, this is quite regular. Anyway, it helped me to clean around 20GB of duplicated stuff from my hard drives.

And finally, the Head Process Creative “bundle” is out


I should study, but the web is full of interesting stuff. Here are some, so at least you don’t have to waste your time looking for it.

This services looks very promising, I hope they can reach enough people to make it work.

These photos are just great

I’ve just started to listen this podcast, fantastic for a long bus trip.

Every time I see their diagram I always find some programming language on it that I don’t even heard of it yet.
Too bad I don’t have time to try out a fizz buzz test with them 😛

Maybe this year I’ll try to make a game for the Ludum Dare with a team.
Here’s a very inspiring one from the latest winners:

Today I’ve made a couple changes on this site and its Facebook page. Regarding this series, I will remove the “weekly” tag from the title, I just can’t keep my schedule, so I will post these selections at least once in a moth.

Collection of unicode “Japanese” emoticons:

An utility for tweaking the new Spotlight in Yosemite (a bit buggy yet):

Dash for iOS is here!

An useful plugin for Sketch:

How does a game become “elegant”:

My new game is released!

A chrome extension to discover new fonts and color schemes. It’s not very fast yet, but hope they gonna improve it:

Great short tips for startup businesses:

The annual iPhone UI Kit from the guys are out, with some subtle changes:

Sad, but true, Mac App Store could be better:

Material design icons for Web and iOS, pretty useful:

UXPin released a lots of free ebooks about user experience design, trends and wireframing.

There are some great new Adobe apps for iOS, and their new iPad drawing solution, the Illustrator Draw is pretty excellent (too bad it can’t export lossless images, but it’s just the 1.0 version)

Some quick tips on building iOS 8 extensions.

The first version of Affinity Designer is out, and here’s a great article about it’s “war” on Illustrator.

Analyze your own ad targeting with this new solution.

In this series, I will post things that I find interesting, mostly about development or visually creative stuff.

The first one came from the Webdesigner Depot (they have a great newsletter):

Also check out this guy on Github also, the source for the site is there and some other cool things:

This one is for web too, like CocoaControls for sitebuilders:

A new camera alternative for iOS, with a nice UI and manual features:

After I finish the photo editor, I will check this site out, seems pretty great for learning Metal: