This summer went by fast, I didn’t manage to roll out updates as I planned, but instead I was working on a very cool project.
Back in June, I was selected in an university project, which is organized by ELTE and EIT. It’s basically an experimental startup incubator, where we have to work out an idea in small teams, within six months.

 Screenshot 2015-09-10 - 23.52.17
Me, Christian and Andrew, our awesome startup team
It’s halftime now, and while it’s sometimes causing me headache, I’ve definitely got a whole lot of experience. The project forced us to do a lot marketing research, which is really helpful to shape our product, and it’s much more easier if we have to do it in a team. Also, it was a pleasant suprise how helpful was all those people we asked. Almost every one of them agreed to an interview, and we’ve got hours of useful material. Because of this, the base idea have been changed multiple times: we started with a mind map software idea, which became a project management solution, finally we scaled it down, and now focusing on the name and domain searching problem, from an unique point of view.
A screenshot of the current UI
Luckily, the core of the system was reused, and we are full in development, so it will be released in the upcoming weeks. If any of you interested, visit for a beta. It’s currently under the name of our recommendation engine, but after the app is finished, we will use it to look a new name for itself. Guess that’s will be our first big usability test. After this, we still have three months to build a little community around our software, create a big value, and maybe find a founder too. Anyway, its really exciting, especially that I can work with like-minded guys, which will definitely change the quality of my upcoming products.