Since the status update, a couple thing happened. The first version of Filterion is out, so the Head Process Creative pack is finally “completed”, although I’m not satisfied yet, there are lot feature in progress which will make it even more better.
That’s why both the Centroid and Handstract got an update, now you can instantly edit your creations in Filterion, and they’ll be even more connected in the future. Also, today I’ve just submitted the first Filterion update with iPad support and with a couple improvements.


Handstract is quite usable right now, I’ll focus on the other two app

The next thing I’ll work on is a bigger Centroid update, with edge detection and more shape editing features. After that, I’ll have to rework the logical parts of Filterion, it’s a mess right now so its necessary before I add more editing options in it. Besides that, I’ll try to make it more distinct from the other photo editing apps, with more interesting filters and options, that you can’t see everywhere.

filterion-randomThis could be an interface for a new effect selection method in Filterion

One of my ideas is to make an intelligent multi-step process where you can see the outcome instantly and change between different effects. It’s like the iPhoto’s effect selection window, just far more sophisticated, and you can fine tune the process.
Also, there will be layer support in the future, in fact, it was present in the beta version, just removed it to test the main features first, and if everything going well, it’ll be added back.

Hope you guys enjoy the redesigned apps and keep creating!