I know it’s a shame that my only non-free application gets updated the least frequently. I’ll try to change this with a roadmap and more smaller updates than one big. Though, the upcoming 1.5 version was planned as a major one, I guess I’ll will split it to two smaller release.
So what will change? First of all, I’ll fix some of the iOS 8 related bugs, too bad I’ve waited so long for this. Also, the whole photo importing menu will be redesigned for easier use, along with new crop and rotate tools for the already imported photos.
Besides, I’ll get back working on the engine, so it can detect the edges and contrast of objects and merge some shapes to achieve this effect. If everything goes as I planned, the results will be far more smoother and interesting than the current grid.
I can’t say an exact release date yet. The smaller fixes will be definitely released in February, and if I have time, the new improved engine too.
Until then, check out the new Handstract update.