I know, there’s been a big silence since last update, but in the meantime I have tried out a couple new ways to improve the drawing tools. In this new version I will focus on the improvements on the interface and the user experience, I’d like to make it even more easier to use even with the new features.
Now the biggest visible change is the redesigned toolbar with a new row.


With the first new button, you can draw a shape point-by-point, to make even more complex drawings. The second can turn fill on and off for single shapes, and with the third button you can draw symmetrically on a vertical axis. The last one needs the most work: I’m trying to transform touches to bezier vector lines, fortunately it’s half done yet.



For these new options I have rebuilt the whole drawing process, and therefore it’s unsure yet when will it released. I guess I will have more time in the next semester, but I’m trying to finish it until February. Also, the color editor is still in development, but that will be a paid feature (for one dollar). Sorry guys, I have to make a little money from this, I hope you still wait for the other new features.