As usual, when I should learn to my exams, I find something far more interesting to do. However, this was an older idea which I really want to finish this summer, so I just made this basic example to remind myself to do it next months.

In a nutshell, this project is going to be a music visualization tool for VJ events. I don’t have that much experience in VJing yet, however I’ll try to learn it while developing this stuff. It will be modular and I try to make it possible to connect it with existing solutions to produce more interesting effects.
Currently, its only containing a couple actions with simple animations, but I make it reactive to sound as soon as possible, after all, thats the whole reason of this thing. If anybody interested, the whole project is on GitHub, and when it’s getting usable, I’ll post standalone binaries on my site too.


These screenshots looks even better than the current one on github, and it’s only one version ahead